Upset Prevention & Recovery Program (UPRT)

In today’s flight training curricula, we are taught to operate our aircraft inside a very tight operating envelope. We are tested against a set of “standards” which we must remain within during our checkrides. The reasoning is, that if we stay inside this envelope and within the “standards”, we will stay within a pre-determined “safety window”.

This is especially true in today’s modern Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) like our Cirrus. We are taught to fly stabilized approaches using prescribed power settings, while incorporating automation as much as possible. This is all designed to enhance safety and thus make our personal flying safer and more enjoyable.

However, the shortcoming of this method of flight training is that we are teaching pilots how to fly within the envelope, but we are not providing them the skills to operate their aircraft successfully and safely if they find themselves outside of the envelope. In fact, most of the accidents in general aviation today happen when a pilot finds themselves outside of the prescribed envelope which happens near the ground in the take-off and landing phases of flight.

The Mike Goulian Aviation (MGAV) Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) Program is designed to fill the void that is created by today’s training methodology. The MGAV UPRT course is designed to help you unlock the full potential of your Cirrus flying experience by elevating your hand flying skills, which will enhance your personal safety and give you more confidence in dealing with unexpected scenarios.

Program Highlights

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Delve into an in-depth curriculum, crafted by Michael Goulian covering a wide spectrum of aerodynamics and specialized advanced flight maneuvers. Beginning with advanced stalls and continuing with aileron rolls and aircraft upsets, and finally finishing with spins, you will complete the course with the confidence knowing you will be able to successfully recover from, and more importantly, avoid these situations before they occur.
  • Instructor Expertise: Learn from the best in the industry. Michael Goulian ( is a world-renowned aerobatic pilot and he has created this program, along with his expert instructors to bring a fun and educational experience for pilots who fly TAA and especially Cirrus Aircraft. Michael has been teaching UPRT and Basic Aerobatics courses for over three decades, and helping pilots become more skillful and confident in the cockpit is one of his passions.
  • Build Unparalleled Confidence: This program will leave you with a newfound level of understanding of the aerodynamics associated with flying high-performance, single-engine aircraft. You will also step into the cockpit of your own aircraft with unparalleled confidence that you can now successfully extricate yourself from a potentially difficult situation. Our program combines theory with practical experience, reinforcing your ability to identify and or recover from almost any unplanned aircraft upset.
  • Safety First Approach: As with any flight training program at MGAV, we prioritize safety in our UPRT Program. We will introduce you to the concepts of advanced flight maneuvering at a pace which fits your personal learning potential. You will feel very comfortable as new concepts are introduced, and we assure you that you will finish each lesson wanting more. After all, learning new skills while having fun doing it are the goals of the program.


  • Enhanced Confidence: Conquer the unexpected with a heightened sense of confidence in your abilities as a Cirrus pilot.
  • Improved Safety: Elevate the safety quotient of your flights by mastering techniques designed to recognize and avoid scenarios that could lead to an unusual attitude.
  • Tailored for You: Our program is designed specifically for pilots of TAA and specifically Cirrus aircraft, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in every session.


  • 1.5 days
  • 3 hours flying
  • Total Price:
    • $2,850 or
    • $3,750 (if requesting Michael Goulian, subject to availability)

Price includes instructor, aircraft hours, parachute and headset.

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Unleash your full potential as a Cirrus pilot while living the #CirrusLife. Elevate your skills, enhance safety, increase your personal limits, and embrace a new level of confidence. Enroll in our UPRT Program and redefine your flying experience.