Flight Simulator

KPYM is home to a new Flight 1 Tech simulator! Flight 1 Tech has heard your recommendations and revamped everyone’s favorite Cirrus simulator. It’s new, it’s sleek, it’s almost an exact replica of the SR Perspective+ model flight deck and most importantly, it has a working CAPS handle. This SIM is coming soon to KBED as well!

Our Flight 1 Tech simulator is a Cirrus specific simulator created to replicate the G6 platform in the SR20, SR22 or SR22T cockpit. We took great care in choosing our simulator – as we wanted it to be a platform that mimics the airplane closely.

The first thing you’ll notice about this sim is the physical framework – it’s just like a real Cirrus with fully functional buttons, knobs, switches, side yoke, PFD, MFD, autopilot panel, audio panel, throttle, mixture and much more.

The view out the window includes  more than 24,900 airports, a modifiable real-time weather system, continuous time of day, seasons, and a variety of lighting effects.

The sim provides a great platform to do so many things that cannot be replicated in the air. It also allows the instructor and pilot to slow down (or pause) what may happen quickly in the airplane.

Our instructor can present scenarios that require the pilot to think about what to do and do so in a safe, controlled environment. For example, what do you do on take off when you get a low oil pressure light just as you are entering the clouds and being asked to change a frequency to talk to another controlling agency. Is it better to stay below the clouds or is it better to continue ahead – the answer is, it depends. We can do this scenario with differing conditions that require the pilot to actually aviate and think about what a proper response is.

The SIM gives you a platform to develop good habits that will transfer directly into your flying.
  • Practice cockpit button-ology and develop muscle memory that transfers directly to the plane.
  • Check list usage ☑️
    – When to use the electronic checklist as a ‘do’ list (checking off each item as you go) vs. when to use it as a verification after you have completed your ‘flow’ to make sure nothing was missed.
  • Communication with ATC. 🎧
  • Cockpit task efficiency. 🔄
  • Practice your use of the MFD map and all of it’s multitude of features so that you can access information with speed and efficiency
  • Practice use of the flight planning pages
  • Practice use of the various auto pilot features
  • Practice emergency and abnormal scenarios ⚠️
  • Your instructor can simulate system failures, including failures of the AHRS, ADC, pitot static system, GPS, etc. (If you don’t recognize the acronyms, make sure to review your Cirrus Transition Training course or your iFOM 🙂 )
  • Instrument flying: Pilots who train with this sim will operate single-pilot IFR in high-workload and high-density environments with more confidence. It also offers the opportunity to fly more approaches in a much shorter amount of time at a much lower cost than in the aircraft.
    • Practice approaches
    • Practice missed approaches
    • Instrument students can log up to 20 hours in the sim toward their rating.
  • CAPS Training
    • You can now feel the 45 lbs of force required to pull the handle to activate the chute, simulating a CAPS pull scenario using our new simulator at KPYM!

FAA Approved

This Flight 1Tech simulator has received FAA AATD* approval so you can log your hours toward your private, instrument, and commercial rating and maintain IFR proficiency. (*AATD - Advanced Aviation Training Device)