Husky Aircraft

America’s Favorite Taildragger

Now is the perfect time to transition into a Husky for your exciting backcountry adventures of all types. The Husky is designed specifically for pure stick & rudder flying off of grass runways and backcountry fields. There are so many opportunities to explore the grass runways in New England in our Husky.

If you’re new to tailwheel flying, our transition course will take you through everything you need to know about tailwheel flying and will culminate with your tailwheel endorsement.  You’ll find the Husky docile, forgiving and about as easy as taildragger flying can get. 

Some specs:

  • 180 hp or 200 hp
  • Stall speed just over 40 mph
  • Climb rate of 1500 ft/min
  • 26” or larger Tundra tires
  • 140 mph cruise and 800-mile range
  • Short 200’ take off and 300’ landing distances
  • Certified day/night IFR/VFR
  • Fully adjustable ergonomically designed front seat and removable back seat for increased baggage capacity and pilot comfort – standard


Instructor Rate: $800 per day (or $400 per 1/2 day)
Aircraft Rate: $350 per hour
Dual instruction only until 25 hours in type aircraft.

Authorized Husky Sales & Service Center

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