November 2021: Holiday News, Free Cirrus Course & More

SPREAD HOLIDAY CHEER WITH MGAV! Give the gift of flight this holiday season! With the holidays quickly approaching, we’re happy to introduce gift cards at MGAV! Whether it’s for your aspiring private pilot, transitioning pilot or soon-to-be IFR pilot, we’ve got you covered. Our gift cards are currently available for purchase online here! Along with gift cards, all […]

October 2021: Fall Travel Tips, PALS & More

DISCOVER LACONIA Check out KLCI during fall! Our newest location in Laconia (KLCI) is known for many things, and this time of year it’s the amazing fall colors that will take your breath away! (And yes, one of our CFIIs captured this image after departing KLCI!) Fly into KLCI this fall to experience the beauty of […]

September 2021: New Position, Pro Tip & More

We’re Adding Key Positions at Bedford and Need Your Help! You, our valued customer, know the culture and atmosphere of MGAV better than most! So, we’re asking you to help us find some amazing people who might be interested in joining our growing team. We’re creating a new position at MGAV. The Flight Training Advisor […]

Plymouth Aviation Day is October 9, 2021!

Mike Goulian Aviation is proud to be a part of Plymouth Aviation Day 2021. Join us for a day full of hangar flying, learning and fun. Connect with local pilots and aircraft owners for various learning sessions and lunch. Register today! Who Should Attend? Current Pilots – VFR & IFR sessions Rusty Pilots – Rusty Pilots Seminar Aircraft Owners – Maintenance Clinic […]

August 2021: Laconia, Pro Tip & More

Come fly with us in Laconia, NH! We are excited to announce that our new location in Laconia, NH (KLCI) has been officially approved by Cirrus as a designated Cirrus Training Center. We’re also happy to announce that we will be sending you more regular updates via our newsletter. The aim for our newsletter is […]

The MGAV “Last Chance Flow”

At MGAV, you all know that we focus on safety. That means, in addition to accomplishing our checklists before take off and after through a flow, we also incorporate a last chance flow to ensure we’ve completed all required items. The attached video provides us all with a good reminder of how to accomplish our […]