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Our passion and devotion to excellence stems from our President and owner, Michael Goulian, who has lived a life in the sky since he was a young teenager learning to fly at his fathers flight school. Now, more than 30 years into his career, Michael is known around the world as a “pilot’s pilot” and a respected aviation business professional through his exploits in his successful career as an aerobatic pilot and Red Bull Air Race competitor. Michael Goulian is known for executing everything he does at only the very highest level, and that attention to detail is evident in Mike Goulian Aviation.

In addition to Michael’s reputation as a trusted aviation entrepreneur, you will also find that he lives a life of integrity. With Michael, his word and his handshake are his bond. Our employees all share in this most important Mike Goulian Aviation brand value.

We welcome you to come and visit with or contact us at Mike Goulian Aviation, where people who believe in Passion.Excellence.Integrity will find a home. We’re not like any other general aviation business you will find in New England. We work with Cirrus pilots and owners who share our brand values and embody the #CirrusLife.

Cirrus Training & Aircraft Rental

We offer Private Pilot (PPL),  Instrument Training, and Transition (VFR/IFR) Training in our Cirrus SR-20 aircraft. We also offer Instrument and Advanced (IFR) Transition Training in our Cirrus SR-22 aircraft. All aircraft are 2017 and newer and available for rent.

Cirrus Owners

We offer complete training and currency options in your Cirrus aircraft. Need a mentor pilot? We have professional, highly experienced pilots for any of your business or leisure trips.

Unusual Attitude Course

We subscribe to a path of continuous learning and continuous improvement and believe that every pilot should always strive to find ways to increase their knowledge about the aircraft and the environment in which it operates. With this goal in mind, we have added an Extra 300L aerobatic aircraft to our fleet to improve your hand flying skills, increase perceptive awareness and become a more competent pilot.

Cirrus Vision Jet SF50 Instruction & Pilot Services

We offer both Vision Jet instruction in our G2 SF50 and pilot services in your own SF50. We have three type-rated pilots on staff. Whether it’s as a mentor pilot, or assisting with any type of flight mission, we are here to help.


May 2023: SR Series Cross Country, Summer Flying & More

In The News 01 / SR Series Cross Country Procedures Course 02 / In-Focus: Not one, but TWO new 2023 SR22s! 03 / Summer Flying by CFII Gordon Landale 01 /  THE MAIN COURSE SR Series Cross Country Procedures Course EXPERIENCE THE CIRRUS LIFE As you’re learning to fly, you learn the basics, stay local and focus on

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Job Opening: A & P Mechanic

We are looking for a motivated, detail-oriented, and meticulous person who has airframe and powerplant (A&P) certification with experience in Cirrus aircraft.

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April 2023: Upset Recovery Course, Meet CFII Ryan Tierney & Perspective+ Tips

In The News 01 / Upset Recovery Training 02 / In-Focus: Meet CFII Ryan Tierney 03 / Pro-Tip by CSIP Lex Crosett 01 / WELCOME SPRING! Let’s do some Upset Recovery Training ! Want to take your flight training journey to the next level? Check out our Upset Recovery Training Course ! With continued learning comes

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Give the Gift of Flight!


We’re happy to introduce gift cards at MGAV! Whether it’s for your aspiring private pilot, transitioning pilot or soon-to-be IFR pilot, we’ve got you covered!